Privacy For All Americans

Privacy For All Americans

"The Time Is Now For A Federal Privacy Law"

The Time Is Now For A Federal Privacy Law

Data has revolutionized every part of our economy and daily lives, both in the online and offline world. It helps us to get to work on time with efficient navigation, find the perfect playlist based on curated recommendations, and find lower prices on everyday items.

Internet companies believe all Americans should have comprehensive federal privacy protections that give them control over the data they provide to companies across all industries, regardless of where they live. That includes having the ability to access, correct, delete, and download their data.

The time is now for Congress to pass a comprehensive, federal privacy law that establishes a consistent nationwide standard and reflects an American approach to privacy.

"Americans Deserve An Economy-Wide Federal Privacy Law"

"A Unified, Federal Privacy Law"

Your Data: Protected

The internet industry supports comprehensive, federal privacy legislation that provides people with control over their data & meaningful transparency around how their data is collected, used, and protected.

A Unified, National Standard

A federal privacy law – as opposed to a patchwork of state laws – is the best solution to ensure Americans have consistent experiences and expectations around their privacy across state lines.

Online & Offline:
You Deserve Protection

Federal privacy legislation should be a national, economy-wide priority. Any comprehensive framework should provide the same protections for people’s data — regardless of whether they’re interacting with an online company or a brick & mortar store.

Survey Says:

Americans Want Economy-Wide, Federal Privacy Protections

In a poll of 2,744 U.S. adults, Americans said they want consistent privacy protections regardless of where they live or the type of company they interact with.


93% of respondents say it is likely that their personal information will be misused when it’s not protected by the same law or consistent regulations across the entire country.


78% of respondents say that their privacy protections should not change depending on where they live in the U.S.


90% of respondents say that personal information should have the same protections regardless of whether it’s shared with an online company or brick and mortar business.

Learn more about IA's findings by checking out the full survey results.

Privacy Updates & Resources

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Congress Must Act to Protect Americans' Privacy

Protecting Americans’ data privacy has never been more important. Millions of Americans are relying on internet services to purchase basic household items, do their jobs, and stay connected with family and friends during the COVID-19 crisis. But even before the pandemic, brick and mortar stores, and main street businesses were collecting and using consumer data to increase sales and manage inventory, and they are increasingly relying on online tools to grow their businesses and deliver products to customers...

Elizabeth Banker On Stage at State of The Net 2020

Elizabeth Banker at the State of the Net 2020

At the State of the Net 2020 conference in Washington, DC, Internet Association (IA) Deputy General Counsel Elizabeth Banker participated in a panel titled “Federal Privacy Sticking Points: From Preemption to PRA…And Everything in Between.”

Patchwork Of State Laws Document

A Patchwork Of State Laws Is The Wrong Approach To Privacy Regulation

In the absence of a comprehensive federal privacy bill twenty nine states passed laws related to data privacy, creating a patchwork of protections in the U.S.

Americans Will Pay a Price for State Privacy Laws

The federal government has yet to act, and states are rushing to pass their own data privacy legislation, creating a patchwork of laws from coast to coast. Many of these laws are well-meaning, but their proliferation creates a real risk and a real cost...

We need a modern, fair, and principled set of data privacy rules

There’s increased recognition around the country — and in Mississippi specifically — that we need strong privacy rules to protect Americans and the data they share with businesses whether shopping for groceries or school supplies at their local shopping center or sharing a loved one's birthday with their community of family and friends online...

Why do we need a federal privacy law? Ask the data brokers selling your information

It’s an experience we’ve all had before: telemarketers calling during dinner or mailers show up from the postman, targeting us for products that we don’t need or want...

Privacy on the Internet

The Internet Association expresses support for a federal privacy law and notes that you can change your privacy settings with “fewer than five clicks.”

California privacy law must be changed to avoid making user data more vulnerable

Americans deserve modern privacy rules that provide meaningful control over personal data, whether it is collected online or offline, from companies across all industries. That means giving people the ability to access, correct, delete and download their data. Full stop. That’s the position of America’s internet companies...

A Law to Protect Online Privacy

The internet industry believes that we need a modern American approach to privacy that empowers users and gives them more meaningful control over their data. We support a federal privacy law that provides people the ability to access, correct, delete and download their data...

Privacy Principles

The time is right to modernize our federal rules and develop a national framework for data privacy. A globally respected American regulatory framework must prioritize protecting people's personal information and foster trust through meaningful transparency. Internet companies believe this can be done by empowering people to better understand and control how personal information they share is collected, used, and protected.

A national privacy framework should give individuals the ability to know whether and how personal information they provide to companies is used and shared with other entities, and if personal information is shared, the categories of entities with whom it is shared, and the purposes for which it is shared.
Individuals should have meaningful controls over how personal information they provide to companies is collected, used, and shared, except where that information is necessary for the basic operation of the business or when doing so could lead to a violation of the law.
Individuals should have reasonable access to the personal information they provide to companies. Personal information may be processed, aggregated, and analyzed to enable companies to provide services to individuals. Safeguards should be included to ensure that giving an individual the ability to access their personal information does not unreasonably interfere with other individuals’ privacy, safety, or security, or a company’s business operations.
Individuals should have the ability to correct the personal information they provide to companies, except where companies have a legitimate need or legal obligation to maintain it.
Individuals should have the ability to request the deletion of the personal information they provide to companies where that information is no longer necessary to provide the services, except where companies have a legitimate need or legal obligation to maintain it.
Individuals should have the ability to obtain the personal information they have provided to one company and provide it to another company that provides a similar service for which the information is necessary.

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